1. INITIAL MEETING – As a first step we are very happy to arrange, with no obligation on your part, a meeting at your home or workplace to learn about your overall requirements and to discuss how our service may be tailored to your needs. At this meeting we will advise on the market and how to maximise what is achievable for your budget within your chosen geography. We will also describe our services in more detail and answer any questions.

2. DOCUMENTED SEARCH BRIEF– All clients have unique and specific requirements and we will work closely with you to create a highly focused and documented brief which will direct our search. This will be a living document which can evolve as the search progresses.

3. AREA ORIENTATION TOUR - A tour of preferred and/or suggested areas can be arranged as the property search commences. This usually entails a day’s driven tour through selected areas providing an overview of property styles and values, local amenities and the positives and negatives of each area.

4. THE SEARCH PROCESS - It usually takes approximately ten days to carry out our initial research, previews and set up the first viewings. Subsequent viewings become increasingly targeted and will continue until the ideal property is found. We proactively source property which is being openly, as well as quietly, marketed through estate agents, developers and private owners. We also specialise in finding "off market" properties. We have excellent relationships with many estate agents who often give us advance notice of and new information on properties as they value both the fact that our retained purchasers are fully committed and the efficiency that we bring to the home buying process.

5. NEGOTIATION – We will handle all negotiations on your behalf. Results demonstrate that quite often our service can be self-funding, in that we can achieve a reduction in the asking price to cover our fees and more. Once you have confirmed your preferred property, we provide comparable evidence, discuss tactics and handle the negotiating process. Our reputation means that where the vendor has more than one bid to consider, our totally professional approach can prove critical in tipping the balance in our clients' favour.

6. COMMUNICATION AND REPORTING - We communicate continuously to ensure that your search maintains the correct focus. We record time spent acting on your behalf, provide updates on current market conditions and your search progress to date, and will draw conclusions and make recommendations for the ongoing focus of the search. Once you have a property under offer, we produce a comprehensive Property Report including an independent and balanced analysis of the pros and cons of the proposed purchase, details of the surrounding neighbourhood and area, comparable sales figures where available, and an objective opinion on price.

7. OVERSEE CONVEYANCING - Once a deal is agreed, we proactively manage all parties and oversee the entire conveyancing process on your behalf. The aim is to ensure that the deal proceeds to exchange with the minimum of difficulty and to completion as swiftly as possible.